May 11th, 2011



История вообще не делает чего-либо существенного без особой на то необходимости.

(Автора ищите сами :-)
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Чувак излагает свои впечатления от фильма "Властелин колец", утверждая, что ранее Толкина не читал и содержания не знает (врет небось.) Смешно. По-английски.

Frodo and Andy wander around and decide they're going in circles, which I could have told them after the second time they went to elf land. They encounter a scrawny creature called Vladimir Putin, who tries to take the ring but fails. They tie a string around his neck which for some reason makes him flop around like a fish and he begs to be released. Andy is dubious but Frodo looks Putin in the eye and is able to get a sense of his soul. Besides, Putin knows the way to Mordor, which would be a plus considering that they want to go to Mordor and don't know the way.
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