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- [Эта] стратегия - для университетских построек, но не для построения университетов.
П.Б.Мехта (не знаю, кто это; видимо, индийский филолог?) цит. по Sheldon Pollock "Crisis in the Classics"

" India could be a global hub in higher education; instead institution after institution is on the trajectory of rapid decline. We have given access to a large number of students, but we are also giving them an education that makes them unemployable.The eleventh plan has a strategy for university buildings, not for building universities. The irony is that the privileged will cope with this crisis in higher education much better. They are already seceding from the system, going abroad or finding private substitutes for a public system that is in its death throes.

Think of what will happen when we expand higher education to almost double its size in five years, without any planning or governance reform. Reservation politics will be overlaid by something more dangerous: vast numbers of graduates who will feel cheated that their education did not really empower them. Bad universities are a social time bomb. If they are braided with the uncertain conflicts over who deserves reservation and why, the politics of resentment that will result will threaten the republic in ways we can scarcely imagine. "
Pratap Bhanu Mehta

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