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словесное (опять Quora)

Оказывается, покойный Сулейман Демирель, многократный премьер-министр Турции, был афористом уровня покойного же Черномырдина.

Q: Who has been the strangest world leader of the last five decades?
A: Suleyman Demirel of Turkey. Some of his infamous quotes:

- We don't need a plan, we need rice.
- If you'd asked me to summarise the situation of Turkey in a word, I'd say good. If you'd wanted two words, I'd say not good.
- You can't dry laundry with yesterday's sun.
- The Aegean Sea is not a Turkish lake. It is not a Greek lake either. Therefore it is not even a lake.
- It can be argued if feminism is necessary, but if it is, it is wonderful.
- Humour is a fist, you'll never know who it hits.
- What do you say? Oil was there and we drank it? (said during the OPEC oil crisis)
- If you don't make a big deal out of an issue, there is no issue left.
- Yesterday was yesterday, and today is today.
- You cannot avoid being wet in the rain.
- A cloud is a cloud, either white or black. It is not worth talking about.
- Can you be communist with electricity? During summer, we get it from Bulgaria, and during winter, they give it to us.

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